My Rainbow is a resourse for teaching about nature.

My Rainbow

Photo of My Rainbow
  • We tend to forget the benefits of the sun. MY RAINBOW makes you closer to the sun whose existence we take for granted, and teaches the importance of nature.
  • MY RAINBOW creates a rainbow arch from the sunlight. The clearer the air is, the more vivid rainbow it will make. You can also adjust the angle accordind to where the sun is. Therefore, you will notice the changes in the day and the weather.
  • Possibly, everybody remembers using a prism in the science laboratry at primary school. You can talk about the wonders of the sun and the seven-colored spectrum with your family at home. As a conversation piece, MY RAINBOW helps to create a happy, communicative family.
Object OB35
chrome coating  ¥ 7,200-  width 70×length181×height123mm
Object OB50
chrome coating  ¥18,000-  width100×length260×height135mm

MY RAINBOW shows your dreams.

plane When you wake up in the morning and the warm sunlight is coming in through the curtains, a beautiful seven-colored rainbow will appear in your room. MY RAINBOW helps your mind relax.
Rainbows which appear naturally will disappear altogether as time passes. Because of the transience, we see our "dreams" disappearing too. MY RAINBOW, as the name shows, creates your own rainbow. Furthermore, it will not disappear as long as the sun is in the sky. MY RAINBOW will always be with you so that your "dreams" will never fade.
"The plane version" motif, ab airplane which flies high in the sky, emerges from the notion of "Have a big dream, High up in the sky.
SPECIFIC:blue • black ¥3,800-  width115×length112×height103mm

MY RAINBOW has consideration for the preservation of the environment.

whale In order not to waste the earth's limited resources, MY RAINBOW doesn't consume ant electricity and relies solely on energy from the sun.
MY RAINBOW uses a simple structure, but it reacts delicately to subtle changes in the atmosphere. In the city, on clearer day such as New Year Day or during Obon, it will create a more vivid rainbow.
Observing the subtle changes in the rainbow should stir you to think about the environment problems we all face as a result of pollution in the air, the sea and rivers. MY RAINBOW continually issues warnings against the negligent behavior of human beings.
MY RAINBOW has adopted the whale motif, the trademark of environment preservation.
SPECIFIC:blue • black ¥3,800-  width70×length105×height103mm